Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chinese Man Detained for Posting Photos of Him in Tiananmen

A Chinese man has been criminally detained after posting online recent photos of him standing in front of Tiananmen. Liu Wei was taken by Chongqing police from Beijing back to his hometown and charged with "Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles" on May 17. 

Liu posted photos of him in Tiananmen Square with a message "Welcome to Beijing". He told reporters he went to Beijing in April to visit friends, according to a report on Chinese human rights He told Radio Free Asia that he had "touched a nerve" of the government by posting the photos. One photo shows him sticking his arm forward, reminiscent of Nazi salute. The other photo is of him flashing a V sign. While it's a frequent gesture by tourists, recently Chinese activists have called on people showing the V sign to commemorate the Tiananmen movement of 1989 when protesters flashed the V sign in marches and rallies.

The 28-year-old man from Chongqing had been jailed for two year for posting about the Jasmine Revolution in 2011. He was released in 2013 but has been under constant watch ever since. His parents have also been harassed by the police. The rural man's father is disabled and mother is illiterate. His friend Huang Chengcheng said: "He's a man of independent thinking. He has his own views on this country and this system. He's a young man of conscience."
Huang appeals people to help Liu find a good lawyer. His cell is +86-13896683369

(Translated/Compiled by Rose Tang from reports on and RFA)

维权网信息员郝天报道: 2014年4月底,重庆綦江县三角镇网友刘伟(网名-MZ介子八世)到北京访友,5月17日被重庆警察从北京带回,以“寻衅滋事”罪刑事拘留。






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