Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PLA Troops Mass on China-Vietnam Border

Very interesting Chinese military maneuvering on China-Vietnam border, pls share as much as you can (many pics on links at bottom of this post):
A large number of Chinese PLA troops with tanks, APCs and missile launchers have been gathering in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces along the China-Vietnam border over the last few days; the Chinese Navy has been loading supplies from the Hainan Island, as spotted by Chinese who posted photos on social media, according Chinese pro-democracy websitewww.molihua.org.

Chinese Netizens report seeing the troops accumulate along the eastern part of the China-Vietnam border in Shangsi County of the Fangchenggang city, Longzhou County and Pingxiang County of Chongzuo City in Guang Xi province. The main force is the 41th Group Army from the Guangzhou Military Region. The troops gathering in Yunan province are the 14th Group Army from the Yunnan Military Region that belongs to the Chengdu Military Region (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chengdu_Military_Region).

The Friendship Pass, one of the busiest border trading points of Vietnam between China’s Pingxiang and Vietnam’s Lang Son has been reported to be closed during the last few days. Lang Son was a site of big battles in the Sino-Vietnam War in 1979 and Sino-French War in 1885.

The Second Artillery Corps (SAC), the strategic missile forces of the PLA, is also ready for war, according to reports on molihua.org. SAC controls China's nuclear and conventional strategic missiles. The South Sea Fleet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Sea_Fleet) has been seen loading supplies from the Hailan Island.

On May 15, Military trains carrying dozens of trucks with DF-21C Dongfeng missile launchers were seen traveling from Chongzuo railway station bound for Pingxiang. One Netizen in Longzhou County (only 30 kms from the border) said of never seeing such big maneuvering of PLA troops for 3 years.

On May 16 and May 17, hundreds of tanks and armored fighting vehicles from the 18th Armored Brigade of the 14th Group Army were seen on highways near Kunming, capital of Yunnan. The fleet stretched out to nearly 10 kilometers, composed of mainly Type 96 tanks and Type 86 infantry fighting vehicles. Locals reported traffic jams on highways and expressways because of the large army fleets.

Netizens on Hailand island took photos of military trucks in Haikou city on May 18. Analysts say Chinese leaders urgently need a war to dilute the internal conflicts. The anti-China protests and riots in Vietnam give them a good “excuse” to launch a war.

Chinese military denied a few days ago of preparing a war on Vietnam, according to Chinese state media.
(Translated and Compiled by Rose Tang)
Original stories with many photos on these 2 links:

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