Monday, October 6, 2014

Rose Tang's Speech at a Tibet Rally Protesting Xi Jinping's India Visit

Tashi delek, thank you for inviting me to join this rally! What a great honor!

First, let me apologize to you, my Tibetan brothers and sisters. I do not represent any organizations or anyone else but myself. Here I apologize for all the atrocities that the Chinese government has committed in Tibet. I am very sorry for the genocide in Tibet for the last 55 years.

On the way here, I was feeling sad about coming to a rally in New Delhi. I’ve been haunted by the images of Jamphel Yeshi, a human torch dashing through the crowd. The flames of his life and those of all the other self immolators lit up the darkness in Tibet, China, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia, and enlightened many people, including myself. We must not hesitate to act upon such excruciating pain. We’ve been suffering and waiting for too long. The Tibetans have been waiting for 55 years, the Chinese have been waiting for 65 years. The Chinese Communist Party must go. They have been illegally occupying Tibet and China for too long. They took over our land by force. They seized power through violence. We did not vote them in. And they’ve been brainwashing the Chinese people with lies and more lies. A young Chinese man told me: “This evil empire must split up!” Do you agree?

Tibet cannot afford another self immolation, China cannot afford another massacre, the world cannot afford more human sacrifices. Why has it been so hard to fight for truth and justice, these basic principles of the humanity? Why have lies and violence been spreading all over the world? Why so much suffering still?

The Tibetan people have been persevering an incredible resistance movement against all odds and have showed the world an example of how a smaller group of people, while severely outnumbered by a monstrous regime for decades, can fight a good fight. Tyranny can never crush people’s spirit and can never win, because truth and justice will prevail.  

Now we see people in Hong Kong rising up against this tyranny, picking up the baton, taking the lead of the pro-democracy movement. Please offer Hong Kongers your support. I moved to the city in 1997, a few months before the British government handed Hong Kong to China. Back then, there were small protests. The majority of locals were doubtful of its uncertain future but were hopeful that Beijing would keep its promise and the city’s constitutional document, the Basic Law, would protect them. Now 17 years on, they have a very rude awakening and are acting upon it. Their slogan is “抗命", in Mandarin and Cantonese, it means to "fight against the fate”. They now know they must resist and revolt. Suffering is not Tibetan people’s fate, not anyone’s fate. It’s simply pointless to hold wishful thinking that the Chinese Communist Party, a pathological liar, will suddenly have some enlightenment and keep any promises. There’s no point to wait for a butcher to reincarnate into a Buddha, because they won't!

Do not negotiate with terrorists. The Chinese Communist Party is the world’s biggest terrorist organization. In 1989, we students went on hunger strike, marched, rallied and protested, hoping to have a dialogue with the government. But they responded with a massacre.

Here I have a message to Xi Jinping: Xi Jinping, Xitler! Listen up, your so-called Chinese dream is to drag people in China back to the Cultural Revolution and it’s already happening. Arbitrary detentions, killings, torture, harassment have become daily events all over the toxic piece of land that’s called China. Xitler, you can jail us but you cannot jail all of us. You can kill us but you cannot kill all of us. You can mobilize your giant propaganda machine to brainwash us and censor the Internet, but you cannot stop the flow of information. Truth has to come out and is coming out.

More and more Chinese are waking up and fighting a fearless battle inside China. More and more Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongols are rising up against dictatorship. Enough is enough, we have suffered too much for too long. Xitler, the Chinese people gave you this nickname that suits you. You’re the most ruthless ruler since Deng Xiaoping. Listen up, Xitler! People in China are not those innocent ones back in 1989, we are rising up and saying no to you. We will not let another Tiananmen Massacre happen. Remember Hitler’s fate? You will be tried and punished for your dirty violent rule. The days of the Chinese Communist Party are nigh.

Thank you India, for giving the Tibetan people a chance to survive and thrive. Prime Minister Modi, I have a message to you, too. Other world government leaders such as British Prime Minister David Cameron have fallen to their knees one after another, kowtowing to China. And strangely, the United States, the world police, have been sheepish and blind to the atrocities that keep happening in Tibet, China, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia. Prime Minister Modi, you know what you should do. Please show the world the conscience of India, the world’s biggest democracy. Money cannot buy love, it cannot buy or sell out democracy, either.

Obama, you’re such a wimpy kid in front of Xitler! The Chinese government is like a school bully -- if no one stops it and lets it get away with it, it will become a bigger bully. The United States, the world’s biggest bully, has no guts to call Xitler out for his dirty tricks. Appeasement from the West is cultivating and encouraging a monster. Government leaders must wake up and face up to the Chinese government. And we cannot afford to wait for those politicians to act, we must unite and fight together. United we stand, divided we fall. The Tibetans, Chinese, Uighurs and Mongols must come together -- we’re all up against the same brutal regime.

The Tibetans are being harassed everywhere in the world, here just now, in Nepal, and even in Europe, for being Tibetan. Why is this dangerous trend spreading everywhere? It’s because those government leaders are either bought out or simply let themselves be bullied by Beijing. We must continue to speak up and challenge them. It’s simply wrong to support a corrupt violent government led by the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has been corrupting the whole world with its thuggish way of doing things. The Chinese government has not only exported its pollutants and shoddily-made goods but also immoral and harmful ways of doing things, encroaching on basic moral standards and basic principles of humanity.

Cheating, lying, violence, distrust and bribery have become the norm and the new moral standards in China. Such ugly human nature has been encouraged and has been spreading all over the world. Tibet, China, Hong Kong, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia are in crisis and the world will be dragged into a mess. We must act upon it. And the time is now. Now it’s more urgent than ever. If we do not speak up and act upon, not only our brothers and sisters inside Tibet, China, Hong Kong, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia will have to suffer more, but the whole world will also be dragged down into the Dark Ages.

My brothers and sisters, you don’t have to sell yourselves short. Demand what you deserve and what belongs to you. Listen to your own voice and your own heart. And I hope your representatives listen to you -- ordinary Tibetans in exile and ordinary Tibetans inside Tibet.

Tibet belongs to Tibetan people. Tibet was not part of China and should not be part of China. What would you think if Polish people asked Hitler for autonomy after Nazi troops invaded their country during the Second World War? Ask not what the Chinese government will do for Tibet, ask yourself what you can do, as an individual, for your country! And ask what your government can do for all the Tibetans.

You may think you’re powerless and nameless. Think about the Tank Man of Tiananmen, he was nameless and still is. And think about the brothers and sisters inside Tibet, especially those self immolators -- the flames of their bodies are silent screams trying to wake us up. If we nobodies work together, we can be somebody, we can bring change and make history! Mao Zedong said: “Tiny sparks of fire can scorch the plateau.” Yes! The sparks from us ordinary individuals can build sweeping wild fires to change the landscape, so His Holiness the Dalai Lama and yourselves will be able to return to your Tibetan plateau.

So let’s speak up and rise up, together! Free Tibet, Free China! Bhod gyalo!

Thuk che nang!

September 17, 2014

Majnukatilla Tibetan Refugee Settlement
New Delhi