Thursday, March 19, 2015

Xinna’s Statement to Hohhot Police 新娜报案材料

March 4, 2015. (中文原文在後)
Xibazha Police Precinct
Phone: +86-471-4660 110

To Whom It May Concern

Just before five o’clock this afternoon, my father was picking up his father Hada in front of the Wanda Plaza. When Hada’s taxi arrived, more than 20 plainclothes officers appeared out of the blue and kidnapped Hada. My son Uiles immediately called me for help. The plainclothes officers then robbed his mobile phone, and threatened to take him away. Luckily I went there in time and grabbed my son as he was forced into a car. I demanded several times the plainclothes officers to show their ID but they ignored me... I recognized one of them was Mr. Gao from the Domestic Security of Hohhot, which made me determine this operation was conducted by the Domestic Security of Inner Mongolia.

As the central leadership has been promoting “comprehensively implementing the rule of law”, domestic security officers from Inner Mongolia’s Public Security Bureau kidnapped citizens and robbed their mobile phones in broad daylight. This is such a vicious criminal case!

We look forward to the officers at this precinct to investigating the case as soon as possible and to protect the safety of citizens and their properties!

Sincerely yours,


P.S.: Officer who accepted this document was Wu Zhanquan. Police ID 012978

English translation by Rose Tang 唐路英文翻譯


今天下午近五点 我儿子在万达广场前接父亲 当哈达从出租车欲下来时 突然出现二十多名便衣强行把哈达绑架走 我儿子威勒斯急忙打电话向我求救 便衣警察又把他的手机抢走 并也要把威勒斯拉走 幸亏我及时赶到才把儿子从车上拽下来 我一再要求便衣者出示证件但置之不理,,,便衣中我认出了一个是呼和浩特市国保的高先生 由此我判断这是内蒙古国保的所为。

在中央提出“全面依法治国”的今天 内蒙古公安厅国保 在公众场合 光天化日之下绑架公民 抢劫手机 是非常恶劣的刑事犯罪!
希望贵派出所依法办案 及早处理为盼!以保障公民的生命和财产安全!

接案人 吴占全 西把栅派出所教导员 警号012978

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